Single Phase Motor Abnormal Working Test Equipment

Single Phase Motor Abnormal Working Test Equipment

Solitary Section Motor Abnormal Functioning Check Products

Introduction and software:

One stage motor irregular functioning test equipment  is also referred to as “limited circuit take a look at”, simply because at the instant the rotor is in short circuit problem. It is primarily take a look at the motor starting recent, starting torque and rotor good quality. Throughout the standard and batch of motor check, earlier mentioned information is got by calculated, then will compared with standard knowledge, the motor will be reassembled if the true info is above or significantly less than the common information. Power element is really lower as soon as the motor stalling, locked rotor existing can be up to seven occasions of the rated recent, the motor will be burned out if it locked for a prolonged time. The tester is only for the one section motor of property appliances,these kinds of as refrigerator, electrical admirer, air conditioner, computer…

*Exhibit examination voltage, take a look at present, examination energy, residual existing,
temperature and defense times.
*Display curve graph of five factors temperature and time.
*Exhibit curve graph of total energy and time.
*Timing help save test data.
*Support U disk copy.
*Overload present security.

Examination common

Comply with IEC 6571-2-forty clause 19.two,GB4706.32-2012 clause 19.2 and clause
19.7 and so on.

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Single Phase Motor Abnormal Working Test Equipment