Small Manufacturing Machines Half Cut Solar Cell

Small Manufacturing Machines Half Cut Solar Cell

CZPT scribing device collection-FSF20  
Gear of FSF laser scribing device sequence, the working lamp-house is adopted to Fiber lasers and the acoustic-optics modulation method, the numerical manage X/Y work table, the system of the step motor-driven. It works precise under the computer’s management.The proprietary control application made the method of edit and revision easy and convenient,and it can display movement route at real time. The operate table use the double 
gas warehouse vacuum absorption technique, the construction double function place functions alternatively.

Application fields:
1,Slicing and engraving of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon at photo voltaic market, of non-crystallo silicon with photo voltaic cell chip and wafer
two,Engraving and lineation of crystal significantly less silicon mobile board at solar vitality sector.
3,Chopping and lineation of silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide semiconductor substrate supplies at electronic sector.


 CZPT electrical power  20W  Bin capability  200 items
 Scriber precision  ≤±10μm  Maximum sciber thickness  1.2mm
 Scriber line width  ≤50μm  CZPT repetition frequency  200Hz-50Hz
 Maximum scriber pace  230mm/s  Work platform dimensions  350*350mm 
 CZPT wavelength  1.064μm  Scribing capacity  600 whole film/hour
 Breakage  ≤0.05%  Battery gauge  156*156mm
 Power  AC220V/50HZ/2KW  CZPT maximum electricity  ≥20W
 Cooling techniques  Outside suspension type constant temperature circulation wind cooling
 Work system  The adsorption of double gasoline warehouse vacuum, the T model system is double position functions in switch

About generation line

We can supply the CZPT comprehensive generation line. The engineer can adjust the format and efficiency of the manufacturing line according to various calls for of buyers.

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Small Manufacturing Machines Half Cut Solar Cell