3025 Formica Textolite Phenolic Resin Cotton Cloth Based Insulation Bakelite Plate Laminate Boards

3025 Formica Textolite Phenolic Resin Cotton Cloth Based Insulation Bakelite Plate Laminate Boards

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3571 Formica Textolite Phenolic Resin Cotton Fabric Based Insulation Bakelite Plate Laminate Boards
3571 Phenolic Cotton Fabric Laminated Sheet  has been approved by UL  and the items have passed ROHS check.

one. Description: 3571 phenolic cotton sheet is made from cotton cloth impregnated with phenolic resin beneath force and warmth. We can produce  3571,3026,CE,LE,C,L and so on. With large mechanical power and electrical homes

2.Technical specs:

1) Thickness: .five-120mm
2) Width x size: 980 x one,980mm ± 10mm one,000 X2,000mm ± 10mm 1030X(2000-2300) ± 10mm ,                    (980-1030)x(980-1500) ± 10mm


Include 3571A,3571B,3571,3571

three.Color: brown

four. Purposes: it is utilised for the insulating spare areas of electrical appliances and transformers, textile machines, gears, set frames for bearings and noise reduction.

Houses Device Index Price Reality Value
3571A(10 yarns) 3571A(ten yarns)
Density g/cm3 1.thirty-one.45 one.43
Flexural energy MPa ≥91 98
Tensile strength  Mpa ≥55 fifty seven.5
Adhesive strength N ≥5500 6310
Influence strength KJ/M2 ≥6 seven.two
Martens temperature °C ≥125 126
Dielectric strength perpendicular to laminate (in 90°Ctransformer oil,) .5-1mm kv/mm ≥4. four.six
1.1-2mm ≥3. 3.eight
2.one-3mm ≥2. two.2
Reference normal Q/SSD001-2011


Qualities Unit Index Price Fact Value
3026(32 yarn) 3026(32 yarn)
Surface area The floor is smooth, totally free of impurities and flaws, permitting the minor abrasions
Density g/cm3 1.30-one.forty one.38
Flexural toughness MPa ≥110 course 122
cross ninety three.5
Greatest absorption fee % 1 .sixty four(10mm)
Adhesive power N ≥5500 7400
Impact strength KJ/M2 ≥7. 19.5
Dielectric strength perpendicular to laminate (in 90°C±2°Ctransformer oil, ) MV/m ≥0.5 8.5(3mm)
Breakdown voltage   Parallel to lamination (in 90°C±2°Ctransformer oil,) kv ≥1 20.five(10mm)
Reference standard JB/T8149.2-2000

We can also offer  cotton cloth (21yarns,18yarns)impregnated with phenolic resin sheet



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It is positioned in HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province, China. From 2571 year previous our company begin offer international trade, based mostly on the first enterprise. Till now we import and export to a lot of contries, these kinds of as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ukrain, Bulgaria, Italy, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Brzil and so on.
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3025 Formica Textolite Phenolic Resin Cotton Cloth Based Insulation Bakelite Plate Laminate Boards