3025 Hylam Cotton Fabric Bakelite Phenolic Textolite Laminated Board Sheet

3025 Hylam Cotton Fabric Bakelite Phenolic Textolite Laminated Board Sheet

Goods Information
 3571 Orange Phenolic Resin Paper Insulation Laminat Plate Bakelite Sheet Hylam Board

Bakelite paper laminates phenolic sheet board provider manufacturer

Phenolic laminate paper-foundation sheet is made of insulating impregnated paper soaked in hot pressed phenolic resin. Higher mechanical and electrical houses. The solution is utilized to make insulating structural elements in motors and electrical equipment with substantial mechanical overall performance, and can be employed in transformer oil.
Coloration:Purple Brown
Dimensions: a thousand*2000mm
Sample: Avaliable
CZPT solutions: Avaliable
CZPT Parameters

Take a look at product Device PFCP202 PFCC201 PFCC202 PFCC203 PFCC305
Density g/m³ 1.twenty five-1.four 1.3-1.four
Vertical layer bending strength (standard) MPa ≥120 ≥100 ≥90 ≥110 ≥125
Parallel layer affect strength (basically supported beam method) KJ/m2 ≥7.eight
Vertical layer electrical toughness
(90ºCtransformer oil)
Kv/mm ≥15.8 ≥5.one ≥5.1 ≥5.one ≥5.one
Parallel layer breakdown voltage(90ºCtransformer oil) kv ≥35 ≥20
Dielectric continuous (50Hz) ≤5.five(1MHz)
Proof monitoring index(PTI) ≥100
Temperature index a hundred and twenty
Water absorption(1-20mm thickness) mg 180-970 206~406 136-277



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HangCZPT Ruiyuan insulation materials co.,ltd insist on the
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It is situated in HangCZPT CZPT, ZheJiang Province, China. From 2571 calendar year previous our business start deal worldwide trade, primarily based on the authentic organization. Until now we import and export to numerous contries, this kind of as United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ukrain, Bulgaria, Italy, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Brzil and so on.
 Our manufacturing method is top in this area and properly identified in the globe. Now there are more than twenty solution services, and a hundred and five employees, which includes five senior complex, 20 intermediate specialized. Main items are produced on international common.
Our products mostly utilized for transformer and electrical motor, we creates insulation paper, insulation board, insulation tape,insulation movie and also sales PTFE  FR4 PA6 and cable wire.
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3025 Hylam Cotton Fabric Bakelite Phenolic Textolite Laminated Board Sheet