6520 Blue Color Motor Transformer Polyester Film Fish Paper Insulation Paper

6520 Blue Color Motor Transformer Polyester Film Fish Paper Insulation Paper

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6520 Blue Colour Motor Transformer Polyester Movie Fish Paper Insulation Paper 
6520 polyester film composite electrical insulation paper  is a two-layer flexible laminate in which polyester film is bonded with fish paper.
1 .Description:
6520 polyester movie composite electrical insulation paper is made of electrical fish paper and polyester film layer formed by adhesive bonding. this content has a exceptional performance in the two electrical and mechanical houses.
one).CZPTdard: JB/T4059-1991.
two).Certification: ISO Good quality certificationSGS Program CertificationCZPTal machinery industry by product quality supervision and inspection centre content testing.
5). MOQ:1000kg
6). Shipping and delivery time:15-twenty days.
widly utilized for modest motor and electrical insulation slot liner,gasket and change to flip and layer insulation,liner insulation,transformer insulation,and other electrical insulation with termperature requirement not exceeding a hundred and twenty C.
  Course E insulation (one hundred twenty)
– Substantial mechanical strength and excellent dielectric home. 
– As slot, interturn and liner insulation for E-quality motors and electric appliances. 

Techincal data  6520
Nominal thickness mm .fifteen .17 .20 .22 .25 .27 .3 .35 .45 .6
Thickness tolerance mm ±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.03 ±0.035 ±0.045 ±0.06
Bodyweight and  tolerance g/m2 190±28 215±32 250±38 275±40 310±46 330±50 370±55 490±73 550±80 730±110
Movie thickness μm 36
Tensile power Lengthwise Nomal N/10mm ≥100 ≥110 ≥125 ≥130 ≥150 ≥175 ≥200 ≥240 ≥360 ≥400
Following Bending ≥70 ≥75 ≥80 ≥85 ≥95 ≥100 ≥110 ≥180 ≥275 ≥320
Crosswise Nomal ≥80 ≥85 ≥90 ≥90 ≥95 ≥100 ≥105 ≥120 ≥180 ≥200
After Bending ≥50 ≥50 ≥50 ≥55 ≥60 ≥70 ≥80 ≥115 ≥175 ≥190
Elongation Lengthwise Nomal % 2 ≥3  
Crosswise After Bending ≥8 ≥10    
Breakdown  Voltage Nomal KV ≥7    
Following Bending KV ≥6                        
Bonding energy at space temperature No delamination                            
Bonding strength at (155±2)°C for 10 min No delamination,blister and gummosis                            


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HangCZPT Ruiyuan insulation substance co.,ltd insist on the
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Our goods mostly utilized for transformer and electrical motor, we makes insulation paper, insulation board, insulation tape,insulation movie and also income PTFE  FR4 PA6 and cable wire.
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6520 Blue Color Motor Transformer Polyester Film Fish Paper Insulation Paper