Coil to Coil Grinding Polishing Machine for No.4 and Hairline Finish

Coil to Coil Grinding Polishing Machine  for No.4 and Hairline Finish

Coil To Coil Grinding Device (Damp Kind)
Coil to Coil Grinding Device (Wet Kind) makes use of Grinding Oil or Emulsion as a Media to accomplish a good and shiny grinding effect on cold rolled stainless metal coils and it can also remove the problems on Stainless Metal Floor. The Device is created to get Finishing No.3 (Coarse Ending, Abrasive Grain From G60 to G150 ) or No.four (Good Finishing, Most Well-liked, abrasive grain from G180 Or previously mentioned) and HL Finishing (Hairline Finishing, Characterised by Clean and prolonged line ).
Coil to Coil Grinding Device (Moist Type) is also suitable for the surface area treatment of the CRM plates right after pickling in Mill it removes the minimal problems and increases the good quality of defected items to Experienced Substance.
Coil to Coil Grinding Equipment (Damp Variety) can approach Stainless Metal coil in high amount and with constant grain, It is broadly utilized in large-stop market place such as Decoration, CZPT, Residence Equipment Etc.
CZPT Coil to Coil Variety Grinding Device (Damp Kind) is primarily composed of a De-Coiling and Re-Coiling Technique, a two CZPTs Base Grinder, a 4 CZPTs Leading Grinder and a four CZPT HL Grinder.
Base Sander is utilised to eliminate the interior tension of the Coil, to guarantee coil will not get deformed soon after slicing.
4 CZPTs Prime Grinder is to ensure the regular grains from coil head to coil tail and to guarantee the overall flexibility in grinding coils of different width.
HL Grinder can meet the large-end necessity from buyer with Distinct and regular Grains.
Grinding CZPTs quantity can be up to customer’s need (I.E. It can also be 1 Base Grinder, + 2 Top Grinders And many others.), or a single SB Grinder can be extra in the conclude.
Heavy-obligation developed, Coil to Coil Grinding Equipment (Damp Sort) is showcased by:
— Completely built Recycling Method, No surroundings Pollution -The Recycling System
     combines Tough Mesh Filtration with Fantastic Paper Filtration, thus Grinding liquid can
     be recycled finely and re-employed.
—Automated belt monitoring and hydraulic/pneumatic belt tensioning ensure Optimum
    Regularity and minimized operational expenses.
— Pre-programmable execution configurations for component thickness, abrasive belt head Depth
     and brush head depth
— Automated Thickness Adjustment, with Electronic Read-Out
— Sturdy Equipment Body, Vibration is nicely absorbed
— Large Make contact with Roller with Ideal Static as effectively as Dynamic Balance, High Spinning
     And Lengthy daily life of Abrasive belts is ensured
— Increased Performance, with Minimal Electrical power Consumption-thirty% Electricity can be Saved than other
— Quick Adjust of Abrasive Belts
— Best Price Performance
— Extensive Belts, For Greatest 2,050 MM Sheets, Plates, or Coil
Cleaning and Drying Method:
— Integral Design and style, Major Elements are all made With Stainless Metal, Existence Span can be more
     than 20 Several years Plus.
— Recycling Water Tank, Particular Design, thirty% Water can be saved
— Auto Heating and Temperature-Keeping Method, 70% Electricity can be saved.
— Substantial Power Blower to make sure no drinking water mark after Drying.
— Immediate Lamination soon after Drying, Movie Pressure and Braking Technique, Auto Film chopping
     with large effectiveness. Film Bubble Cost-free.

 Line Transmission and De-Coiler and Re-Coiler tension Handle System
— Transmission Servo Motor: AC Handle, 30% Energy Conserving
— De-Coiler and Re-Coiler can open up from either Base or Leading, It performs for Coil from
      any mill in the world.
— Re-Coiler Rigidity Device is our Specific Design and style, Balance has been improved significantly. 

Main Parameters:
Perform Items: Stainless Metal Sheets or Plates of all grades
Beneficial thickness: .5~~3MM
Beneficial Width: <=1,219MM, or <=1,550MM, <=2,050MM
Processing Velocity: 5~~18M/Min
Ending End result: No.four & HL (Damp Sort)
Variety: Coil- to Coil
Non-CZPT Equipment will be manufactured upon Ask for.


Normal Purposes of NO.4 & HL incorporate: CZPT, Escalator, interior cladding, developing facades, Residence Appliance, And many others.
More remedy is always completed on No.4 and HL floor: PVD Coloration, Etched Pattern, Anti-Finger Print Processing, To title a couple of, are the most frequent one. 

Coil to Coil Grinding Polishing Machine  for No.4 and Hairline Finish