Curtis 1510 Motor Speed Controller Replacement 1266A

Curtis 1510 Motor Speed Controller Replacement 1266A

Item Description


CURTIS 1266 controllers are independently fired up motor pace controllers developed for use in a variety of transport autos. These programmable controllers are simple to put in, efficient, and cost powerful. Normal programs consist of golf carts and small utility automobiles.

The 1266 controller gives easy, silent, value successful control of motor speed and torque. The speed sensor enter makes it possible for outstanding closed-loop control for regulating vehicle speed. Unique braking parameters permit basic, intuitive deceleration tuning. A total-bridge subject winding control stage is blended with a 50 %-bridge armature electrical power stage to offer sound point out motor reversing and regenerative braking energy CZPT additional relays or contactors.

Essential Functions:

CURTIS Design: 1266A-5201
Norminal Battery Voltage (Volts): 36V / 48V
Amature two minute existing ranking (amps): 275A
Subject two moment existing rating (amps): 20A
KSI enter recent (standard):
one hundred sixty mA CZPT programmer
two hundred mA with programmer
Logic enable and logic electrical power enter voltage (bare minimum): sixteen.eight V
Logic permit and logic electrical power input current (no contactors engaged): one hundred sixty mA CZPT programmer 200 mA with programmer
Logic input voltage: 20. V Large seven.5 V Reduced
Logic input recent ten mA
Throttle Sort: a variety of throttles can be utilised with the 1266 controller, including 5kΩ three-wire potentiometers and -5V throttles
Ambient working temperature variety: -40°C to 50°C
Heatsink overtemperature cutback: starts at 85°C cutoff at 95°C
Heatsink undertemperature cutback: fifty% armature current at -25°C
Package environmental rating: IP5X
Proportions: L198 × W114 × H68 mm

Attributes Contain:

Regenerative braking, offering longer procedure on a one battery cost and decreasing motor brush use and motor heating
Adjustable brake prices, for sleek pedal-launch braking
Two user-selectable vehicle operating personalities, with automobile prime pace managed and minimal in every single manner
Motor parameters are programmable to match the attributes of the distinct motor currently being utilized
Motor vehicle velocity control is improved through feedback from a Hall influence speed sensor
Anti-rollback operate, offering enhanced handle when throttle is introduced on hills
Anti-stall function helps avoid motor commutator damage
Higher pedal disable (HPD) and static return to off (SRO) interlocks stop motor vehicle runaway at startup
Full diagnostics by way of CURTIS 1313-4331 Handheld Programmer or 1314 Laptop Programming Station and by means of the built-in Standing LED, for quick and effortless testing, diagnostics, and parameter adjustment
WalkAway™ braking attribute limitations any stopped or crucial-off rolling to a very reduced pace
Auxiliary driver can be programmed for either an electromagnetic (EM) brake or a WalkAway™ relay
Coil driver offers adjustable pull-in and keeping voltages to WalkAway™ relay or EM brake
Two fault outputs offer diagnostics to remotely mounted displays
Reverse signal driver offers a reduced signal any time the motor vehicle is touring in reverse
Driver outputs are limited circuit safeguarded and supply developed-in coil spike security
Brake/Push Interlock fulfills ISO halting length specifications
Warning buzzer seems steady in reverse, intermittent for the duration of WalkAway™ braking
Splash resistant plastic protect
Meets or exceeds EEC fault detect demands

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    Curtis 1510 Motor Speed Controller Replacement 1266A