Higher Heat-Resistance Insulation Polyimide Film

Higher Heat-Resistance Insulation Polyimide Film

Widely Employed Polyimide Pi Movie with Excellent Qualities

Our merchandise utilize to nationwide defense sector aerospace industry, electric motor sector, FPC and TAB of electronic sector, Quality H, C insulating resources (pulling motor, submersible oil electric motor , nuclear energy equipments, high-temperature-resistant resources, specific electric powered appliances, fireplace-proofing bus duct, gasoline mask, loudspeaker voice skeleton), our products polyimide movies as father or mother metallic is the very best decision of FPC, PST, versatile copper layer plate, LED and high-temperature insulated materials. 
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H Polyimide movie is a frequent polyimide film condensed with 4- formic acid-two- anhydride of benzene, and four.4-diamino-biphenyl-ether oxide. This solution has exceptional mechanical functionality, favorable electric insulation at temperature from -269ºC to +260ºC. It can be employed in compound insulation material, adhesive tape, electrical wire and motor industry, and so forth.
Deal&Storage: Packed in rolls and in carton keep at place temperature steer clear of fireplace. The storage period is twelve months.

Objects Units Specification
Thickness   μm 49-fifty one
Dielectric Power   MV/m ≥200
Tensile strength TD MPa ≥170
MD ≥170
Elongation TD % ≥65
MD ≥65
Young’s Modulus TD MPa ≥4200
MD ≥4200
Floor Stress Belt aspect Dynes/cm 70
Air facet 70
Shrinkage Charge TD % ±0.twenty
MD ±0.20
Drinking water Absorption   % ≤2.two
Wetting Pressure   mN/m 60



Coverlay film in FPC/PCB

FCCL membrane PI in LED lights PCB       

Large-temp cables wrapped PI                      PI in die reducing

PI in battery                                                    Black PI tape


Higher Heat-Resistance Insulation Polyimide Film