SMT PCB Drill and Mill Machine SMT PCB Router PCB2400

SMT PCB Drill and Mill Machine   SMT PCB Router PCB2400

SMT PCB Drill and Mill Equipment / SMT PCB Router PCB2400




Major characteristic:
one, The plating and drilling device can plate double-measurement board, and plating method is really straightforward.
two, Plating pace can be changed, it can make out slim linear, and plating method can end when plating.
three, It can proceed to plate at stop area and it has region plating operate, which can make up some conditions that copper was not plate nicely due to some explanation.


PCB plate producing machine PCB2400 can make solitary and double PCB routinely, swiftly, and precision according to the design and style of the PCB, which designed by software(Protel, Orcad, PADS). CZPTer end the design and style of PCB and generate the required file, then transmit this file to the PCB equipment via RS-232, and then the PCB equipment will end the total PCB plate generating approach, like drill, engrave and cut.
Limitless computer software up grade, very good actual physical gap plate equipment, make computerized PCB plate creating is more easy and decrease cost, increased powerful. This method is high precision, straightforward to run, specially for CZPT, personal computer, management and meter major for testing in college, CZPT business development, Scientific research institute and armed forces.
The main attribute:
one. Drill on copper board.
two. Management reducing depth mill, get rid of unnecessary copper, come into guide pad.
3. Mill, utilizing minimize from shape line to independent PCB and plates.
4. Established the unique position straight, has re-situation perform.
five. Computer software suppositional approach which can preview process path.
six. Actual time method route and plan on display.
seven. Multi-hole drill finished for as soon as, stay away from cutter replacing often.
8. Keep on drilling at stop spot, it can cease and re drill in any location.
nine. Drill blend, employing two cutters which can quick procedure time.
ten. Select to drill in any spot, it can satisfy with mending drill and precision drill.
eleven. Altering large rotate velocity motor, the greatest speed is up 60000rpm.
12. CZPT rotate controlling, enhance motor speed according to cutter.


Model PCB2400
Workable location three hundred*300mm
Work aspect Single/double aspect
Motor X  Y  Z axis stage motor
Principal shaft pace 60000rpm
Max relocating pace 2.4m/min
Least line diameter 6mil(.1524mm)
Least line gap 8mil(.2032mm)
Drilling depth .02-3mm
Drilling diameter .four-3.175mm
Work speed 20mm/s (Max)
Drilling velocity 100strokes/min(Max)
Run approaches Semi-automated
Interaction interface RS-232
Computer program CPU: PIII-500MHz ,Memory:256M
Procedure technique Windows XP/Vista
Energy 220V 50Hz
Fat 70kg
Dimension 750*660*1200mm


SMT PCB Drill and Mill Machine   SMT PCB Router PCB2400